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What diseases can you get from IV drug use? Common infections that result from IV drug use are: Staph infections. Abscesses. Cellulitis. Necrotizing fasciitis. Botulism. Tetanus. Septic thrombophlebitis. Bacterial endocarditis.
Are people with ADHD more prone to addiction? Intoxicants are risky business if you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). A recent survey found that more than 15 percent of adults with the disorder had abused or were dependent upon alcohol or drugs during the previous year. That's nearly triple the rate for adults without ADHD.
Is drug tolerance reversible? The process of tolerance development is reversible (e.g., through a drug holiday) and can involve both physiological factors and psychological factors. The two notions are not incompatible and tolerance may sometimes lead to reverse tolerance.
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